M14 EBR trigger shoe
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Once you try one, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one.

What do you get for your money?
One M14 EBR trigger shoe, Two set screws, One .050 Allen wrench.
Each M14 EBR trigger shoe has a hard Salt bath Nitride finish.

PayPal - $74.00 ea.

Canadian & International Buyers:
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Why should you install the M14 EBR trigger shoe?
The M14/M1A trigger is designed to be pulled in more of an upward direction.
 The original trigger design is not user friendly when a pistol grip is used.
The M14 EBR trigger shoe is wider & longer, with more surface area.
The steel M14 EBR trigger shoe is designed with the correct angle
 required to direct the trigger pull more to the back than up.
The tip of the trigger can no longer stab the tip of your trigger finger.
The trigger pull feels natural & lighter with the M14 EBR shoe installed.

Installation Instructions:

USPS Money Order Total:
$71.00 ea.
Payable to:
Kevin Young
PO Box 1526
Watkinsville, GA 30677

The M14 EBR trigger shoe was designed specifically for the pistol gripped SAGE EBR chassis.
The ARMY M14EBR-RI in particular. The shoe works with TROY, McMillan, LAW483, Choate, JAE,
 AG Composite, Blackfeather "RS", Archangel, Vltor, M14E2, the M1 Garand with a pistol grip, and more.

Issued with every U.S.N. MK 14 Mod 2


It's clear that some of my clientele use the M14 EBR trigger shoe on M1A, M14, M1 Garand & BM59
 rifles with traditional stocks. Seek these men out on the boards... request a review with pictures


~ The "RS" is a smartly engineered lightweight design with fantastic machining ... it's a work of art ~
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