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The Rifle System is a smartly engineered lightweight
design with fantastic machining ... it's a work of art.

12 components make up the basic US kit: Rifle Stock,
Standard butt stock adapter, Mossberg Butt Stock Adapter,
3 accessory rails, 2 end plates, the oprod guide, wear plate, and bolt.
*Opptional accessories are pictured

Optional Scout Hand Guard (SHG) is ideal for RDS & Scout scopes.

Optional High Butt-stock Adapter (
HBA) duplicates AR barrel/butt stock alignment.

An additional Op Rod Guide (ORG) enables use of different "uppers" in one RS.


My lone issue with the BF-RS was my inability to position my face low
 enough to use standard iron sights, the MBSA solved my issue.

Iron sight friendly - California Legal (MBSA)

The optional Long Sight Plane (LSP) full length monolithic railed
hand guard can utilize all sorts of excellent targeting devices, including iron sights.
Back the Blue

The machining on the BF-RS is sexy.

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The tale of 1 rifle and 2 chassis stocks

NM "Crazy Horse" M21 A5 in a SAGE EBR

NM "Crazy Horse" M21 A5 in a Blackfeather RS

The EBR is more than 3 lbs. HEAVIER than the RS.

Official Installation Instructions, Version 8