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The premier precision Chassis Stock system for M14 / M1A rifles
RS Chassis Stock - Basic Kit
Choose a color

The Mossberg Butt Stock Adapter is included in the basic kit.

Your new chassis stock deserves an M14 EBR trigger shoe

Optional Items available with purchase of RS
. Optional items can be purchased individually from

RBS - Rifle Butt Stock
$182 with purchase of RS - plus s&h - Black

SHG - Scout Hand Guard
SHG-M: Black or FDE
Specify if you have a Standard or Medium weight barrel.
$217 with purchase of RS - plus s&h

HBA - High Butt Stock Adapter
$86 with purchase of RS - plus s&h - Black

LSP - Long Sight Plain optic Rail
Standard weight barrels ONLY
Black ONLY
$325 with purchase of RS - plus s&h

YELLOW dots indicate what is included with the basic kit.

Just 9 lbs.

Installation Instructions

Kevin Young - P.O. Box 1526 - Watkinsville, GA 30677

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