Homewater Security systems are designed to
meet your personal water quality requirements.
What can H2O MAN do for you?

Old and Obsolete

Modern and Efficient

Homewater Security specializes in New Construction
and the Replacement of Obsolete Equipment.

FLECK 2510 SXT is the state of the art, high-volume, digitally controlled valve ideally suited to today's heavy residential applications. Available as Auto-Backwashing Acid Neutralizers, Carbon Filters, Iron/Sulphur Filters, Taste & Odor filters and Metered Softeners.

Backwashing Down-Flow Filter units are used when the water source is dirty.  Backwashing flushes the dirt and sediment that has been captured to the drain. Backwashing helps keep the filtration media from sitting and cementing. BDF filters require little maintenance beyond periodically replacing the calcite or carbon media. We use Vortech tanks on all systems.