Rogue X
Rogue X

The X is only sold as a complete weapon.
I have not sampled one...

My time with the bull pup M14

The Gen II Rogue conversion kit:

 Juggernaut Tactical followed much of my advice given them via my 2011 product review shown below.
They super-sized the trigger pad and reduced the weight of the kit by about 1 pound.

1st Gen >      < Gen II
The 2nd generation Rogue conversion kit is much better than the 1st gen kit, but there remains
room for improvement because the Gen II kit is two pounds HEAVIER than a standard
M14 in a USGI fiberglass stock and the angular shape of the trigger guard is unchanged.

Also, the 1st Gen rear trigger cover had a tendency to pop out exposing the trigger.
The 2nd generation cover and blast shield have been modified to
correct the problem, it took some fitting on my part, and it does work.

The trigger bar on the Gen II is less of a rattle trap and JTacticle includes an opptional rubber
bushing and strap that holds the trigger bar to the original trigger. I experimented with these items,
 and decided not to use them. I am using a 2-stage Poly Tech M14 trigger group that has SEI's MAX-PAK upgrade.
The trigger is very light in the Rogue, and the 1st stage is hardly noticeable. Your results may vary.

 The left side charging handle has been welded to the SEI op rod.
It is very handy for cycling the action when firing subsonic ammunition.

Pictured with a folded Daewoo AR100 to illustrate just how compact the CQB-16 Rogue is.

Gas deflector extension - it worked


The Rogue is heavy, so try and keep your accesories to a minnimum,
 and please use a rifle that has already proven itself reliable.

K.I.S.S. w/iron sights

1st Gen >      Rogue Generations < Gen II

 * The rails on my Gen II conversion kit were NOT MIL-STD-1913.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The 1st generation Rogue conversion kit.

I received my Rogue Conversion Kit (Rogue #1) July 2011

The trigger:

One of the first questions I asked and the one most people ask is 'how's the trigger?'
The Rogue uses a steel rod to manipulate the original trigger and it feels better than most
bullpup rifles that I've ever fired, but you can feel the added mechanics and the rod rattles.
the looseness of the trigger rod allows the trigger pad to cant from side-to-side.
JTactical needs to address the issues with their
trigger and maybe improve the safety while there at it.


The conversion kit transforms a slightly nose heavy rifle into a noticeably tail heavy rifle.
This weight bias is felt when carrying the rifle, but not so much when shoulderd.

My first modification:

M14 Rogue bullpup Mag changes

YouTube Video

I had a SADLAK tactical mag release installed because
reaching back and behind the mag body to release the mag is much
easier with the SADLAK part - I've determined that this is a must have item.

Left side charging handle (LSCH):

Once installed, I concluded that the optional left side charging
handle is also a must have item for the M14 Bullpup conversion.

Additional length & weight are optional:

2" Recoil pad extension with built-in Mono pod rail pictured below.
This optional accesory adds an additional 14.2 ounces of weight to the allready heavy kit.

How does it shoot?

The Rogue kit does enhance accuracy similar to how
the Sage, Troy, and Blackfeather RS enhance accuracy.


The MSRP on the 1st Gen kit was $1350 and the LSCH is extra.
The Gen II sells for about $850.

Bottom Line:

"It is my opinion that the ROGUE bullpup conversion kit is a
rather decent range toy and a somewhat sexy novelty item.
... I would not own one." Anonymous

With regards to M14/M1A bullpup conversions meeting the NFA overall length (OAL) requirement of 26.0"

The official measurement is taken from the end of the butt stock to the crown of the barrel.
 The 16.25" barrel renders an OAL of 24.50"
 ... Unless you want to add a 14.0 ounce, 2.0" factory butt stock spacer, the 16.25" barrel does NOT meet NFA OAL requirements in the Rogue. Choosing an M14/M1A with an 18 or 22 inch barrel is the very BEST choice for your bullpup conversion. An 18.0" barreled action in the Rogue renders a legal OAL of 26.25" when measured butt stock to crown.