Special Offer

1. Smith Enterprise is offering a 25% discount on their M14 parts & services to people that order a new Blackfeather RS from M14EBR.US

SEI will install the rifle & accessories you send them in your new Blackfeather chassis that I drop ship to them. Add a trigger shoe to your order and receive $25 off trigger work by SEI.

Contact Ron or Andy at SEI to discuss what parts and services you want above and beyond the installation of your rifle in the light weight Blackfeather RS. (480) 964-1818 ... please call SEI at 12-Noon Arizona time.

SEI if offering $25.00 off their trigger group upgrade packages to anyone that orders an M14 EBR trigger shoe from

SEI will upgrade your trigger group that you send them, include your new trigger shoe and they will install the shoe for you while they have it, they will also cover return postage to you. This offer applies to the M1 Garand as well.

Call Ron Smith or Andy Horton at SEI for the details, Phone: (480) 964-1818 ... please call SEI at 12-Noon Arizona time. Leave a message if they are busy - they will return your call.