Aquaversa ~ Distributor # 114579

When you buy a Multipure water filter, you will have peace of mind of knowing it is an NSF Standard 53-certified water filter. NSF Standard 53 is known as the "Health Effects" standard. Products that are NSF Standard 53-certified receive this certification for their ability to reduce or remove contaminants in unfiltered water that are known to cause adverse health effects.


Contaminants that fall under the "health effects" category and can be significantly reduced by Multipure water filter products include arsenic, asbestos, lead, mercury, cysts, chlordane, MTBE, PCB, radon, toxaphene, and turbidity.


Multipure water filters can also reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your water, including benzine, chlorobenzene, carbon tetrachloride, haloacetonitriles, ethylbenzene, tetrachloroethylene, haloketones, trihalomethanes, and many other undesirable and potentially toxic compounds.

Aquaversa ~ Distributor # 114579 

Base System

Below-SInk Kit with Acrylic Base

 The system connects to the cold water line with an included Adapta Valve, and the faucet requires a 0.5 inch hole available in the countertop or sink for installation. The outlet line can feed your refrigerator filtered water, but the flow rate is 1.0 gallons per minute. Be sure and check your ice makers flow rate requirement before installing a T fitting with it's own shut off valve. The Acrylic base makes filter changes much easier, do not use the wall mount bracket that comes with the kit... you can thank me later.

PURCHASE PRODUCT ~ Distributor # 114579 

The customer can hire a plumber for a proffessional installation, or install it themselves. You can also upgrade lines, hardware and the faucet to meet your specific needs, most manufactuers offer dedicated drinking water faucets that match what you have. Pay attention to 'System Options' when placing your order.


Distributor # 114579